With Rupert's Slack app you can:

You can open the Rupert app through the Slack menu on the left pane or add it to your menu by clicking + Add apps

Once you click + Add apps, you can see all the apps available in your channel. Search and select the Rupert Slack app to add it to the left pane of the Slack menu for quick access.

Rupert's Slack app has 2 main tabs:

The "Home" Tab

On the "Home" tab of the Rupert Slack app you can search for the data you need or get more insights into your reports by clicking on the following mini- tabs:

  • My most used - reports that you have viewed the most

  • Most Popular - most viewed reports in your organization

  • My requests - details about the data requests you have submitted to your team

  • Schedules - your upcoming scheduled report deliveries

My Requests

Click on the "My Requests" mini-tab to stay updated with the status of your previously submitted data requests. You will see the following information:

  • Request description

  • Request status (new, in-progress, resolved)

  • Assigned analyst - the analyst who leads the work on your request

  • Last modified - denotes when someone from your data team had last worked on your request


To make edits or delete your scheduled reports, click the "Schedules" mini-tab, then select the 3 dots to the right of your schedule.

👁️‍🗨️ Learn more about how to schedule a report delivery in this article

The "Messages" Tab

This is where all communications about your reports will arrive. This includes:

  • Links to your reports you visited after searching

  • Threads and replies from your data team after submitting a new request or searching for a report

  • Report delivery schedules

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