The more business stakeholders interact with you through Rupert rather than directly over Slack, email, or other messaging apps, the faster they will get their answers and the better you can manage task flow and prioritize your workload

In order to get Business stakeholders started with Rupert, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Install the slack app:

Business stakeholders don't have access to the Rupert Desk for several reasons:

  1. Professional space - The Desk is the place where the curation and documentation is done and therefore only data experts should have access to it, otherwise, the catalog will get filled with less relevant assets

  2. Easier on the users - Business stakeholders are already using too many tools, we prefer not to introduce a new one and instead have them use something they utilize daily, like Slack

Installing the Rupert slack app is crucial for letting business stakeholders interact with Rupert:

Step 2 - Add your business stakeholders as End Users to Rupert

Once added, users will get an email notification with a short explanation and a link to the Slack app

Step 3 - Let your business stakeholders know Rupert is available to them

Share the following message with them over email or Slack:

Hey team. We're starting to use Rupert, a new tool that helps you easily find and understand the data you need, anytime, through Slack!

You were given access to the tool (if not, please let me know) so I recommend reading the following article in order to understand how to use it.

Step 4 - Sit back and relax:

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