Ask Rupert! Get immediate access and understand readily available data that was verified by your data team. Can’t find what you need? Easily submit a request to them!

With Rupert's Slack app you can:

Search for verified data and get answers for your data related questions

With Rupert, you can use your language to search for any data / insights. Rupert will suggest you with the most suitable reports/data that is verified and maintained by your data team. You’ll get a link to the report along with information to help you infer insight from it, confidently.

Step 1 - Search for the data/insight you are looking for

Open Rupert's app through the Slack menu (you can add it to your menu by clicking "+Add apps"

Option 1 - Enter your data related query in the "Home" tab

Option 2 - Use Slack shortcuts

Open Shortcuts (the lightning icon at the bottom left of Slack’s message field) and select ‘Get data with Rupert

Step 2 - Choose a verified asset to answer your question/search

Rupert will suggest you with the most suitable verified data asset (e.g. dashboard links) that may contain what you’re looking for. These certified data assets were created by your data team and are closely curated and monitored to guarantee their reliability.

To view more information about the report, click on the “Select” button.

You can always click “Back” to return to the search results

In case no matching results are found, you can:

  • Refine your question and hit “Enter

  • View more results by clicking “View Next Results

  • Submit a request to a member of the data team by clicking the “New Request” button at the bottom of the search results page! Request can be for clarifications, follow up questions, creation of new data asset, access to data you don’t have access to

Step 3 - Visit report and its documentation

Once you select an asset, you’ll see:

  1. Documentation - this may include what metrics and charts the report/dashboard contains, filters you can apply, wiki for how to use it, data source, and more.

    This documentation is verified by the owner of the report/dashboard and should help you better understand the verified asset and utilize it properly

  2. A link to the asset - click on the link to get redirected to the right page in your BI tool

If you wish to select a different asset, click the “Back” button to go back to the results screen

Use the "Edit asset filters" button to pre-filter your report for specific information. Once applied, the link to the data will be updated with the filters.

Step 4 - Click Done to finish your search

Rupert will then send you a notification with your search and a link to the selected report.

You'll be able to schedule an automatic delivery of this report by clicking the "Schedule" button

  • If you have any questions regarding the asset, you can (1) contact the data team member who verified it (2) reply to the message directly in the Slack thread.

  • Replies from your analysts will be added to the thread in the "Messages" tab of the app. You'll be able to respond directly in the thread.

Can’t find what you are looking for?

Submit a data request by clicking “New Request” --see instructions in this article!

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